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ABI 3130xl  - 16 Capillaries DNA Sequencer
Applied Biosystems  3130xl DNA Sequencer - 16 Capillaries Genemapper 3.7 Sequence Anal..
ABI StepOne Plus Real-time PCR System
ABI StepOne Plus Real-time PCR System Computer and software included. Fully functional an..
ABI Veriti 96 well PCR Thermal Cycler
ABI Veriti 96 PCR Thermal Cycler - Tested prior to shipping 90 day warranty included ..
Applied Biosystems Veriti 96- Well PCR Thermal Cycler
This Applied Biosystems Veriti 96-Well PCR System Thermal Cycler is New(other) and incl..
LIfe Technologies ViiA 7 Real-Time PCR
ABI viiA Real Time PCR Windows 7 Pro Data Station Updated QuatStudio Software New Lamp ..
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