Discover a wide range of available gas chromatography laboratory equipment to enhance your labs ability to separate analyze the components of any compound that can be vaporized.

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Agilent  7890A Gas Chromatograph
Single FID Detector Single Split/Splitless Inlet 7683 Autosampler (Tower and 100vial Tray) ..
Agilent 6890N Gas Chromatograph
Agilent 6890N Gas Chromatograph Fully tested and refurbished ..
Agilent 7890B FID with 7693 Autosampler, Injector & Tray
Agilent 7890B - Complete, very clean GC Includes: FID Detector 7693 Autosampler Inject..
Agilent 7890B Gas Chromatograph
Agilent 7890B Gas Chromatograph FID Detector Split/splitless Injector ..
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