Chromatograph - HPLC

Available high-performance liquid chromatography laboratory equipment to assist in the chromatographic technique to separate the components in a mixture, to identify each component, and to quantify each component. 

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Prominence Shimadzu UFLC
Shimadzu Prominence UFLC (1) Reservoir Tray (2) LC-20AD Prominence Detectors 1 Promin..
Shimadzu  HPLC System
Shimadzu System HPLC  Degasser DGU-14A Pump A  LC-10ADvp  Pump B  LC-10..
Shimadzu UFLC System
Shimadzu UFLC System Shimadzu Tray Degasser DGU-20A PumpA  LC-20AD  ..
Waters Alliance 2695/2996 PDA
Waters Alliance 2695 Separation HPLC System Waters 2996 Photodiode Array Detector With Waters..
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