DNA Sequencers

Available laboratory DNA sequencers that will automate the DNA sequencing process to determine the order of the four bases that make up the sample being tested.

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ABI 3130 - 4 Capillaries DNA Sequencer
ABI 3130 - 4 Capillaries Pentium IV Computer Windows XP, Vista Capable Gene Mapper V. 4...
ABI 3130xl  - 16 Capillaries DNA Sequencer
Applied Biosystems  3130xl DNA Sequencer - 16 Capillaries Genemapper 3.7 Sequence Anal..
Illumina CBot 2 System
The cBot 2 System is a revolutionary automated system that creates clonal clusters from singl..
Illumina HIseq 2500 v4 Next Generation Sequencer Year: 2015 Almost new unit ..
Illumina HiSeq 4000 Sequencing System
Illumina HiSeq 4000 Next Generation Sequencing System (2015 unit)     ..
Illumina Hiseq X (5) System
The HiSeq X (5) System  enables ultra-high -throughput WGS at a cost an dscale appropriate f..
Illumina MiSeq Desktop Sequencing System
Miseq Next Generation Sequencer 2011 Unit Installation included, 90 day warranty &nbs..
QIAGEN QIACube Robotic Workstation
QIAGEN QIACube Robotic Automated Workstation Fully tested and Refurbished Service Report ..
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